Make Room Vision

For 125 years, First Christian Church has been dedicated to guiding people in discovering and embracing Jesus. From its humble beginnings in Columbiana, our church has served as a sanctuary where faith flourishes through worship, service, and encountering Jesus. Despite recent challenges, the transformative power of Jesus remains evident, with numerous new members, baptisms, and profound personal transformations within our congregation.

As we celebrate these milestones, we recognize the need to extend our reach and address internal obstacles hindering our mission. With a focus on outreach and addressing practical challenges within our infrastructure, we're launching MAKE ROOM—a two-year initiative to create a welcoming space at Jesus' table. Through this endeavor, we aim to welcome those who seek solace and belonging, ensuring our church remains a beacon of hope and transformation in our community.



We are asking every single person to go on a spiritual journey with God and your family—and to possibly take the biggest steps of generosity you’ve ever taken. Our primary goal for Make Room is for 100% of the FCC family to engage in this initiative to experience a life-changing encounter with God. 


Instead of giving to multiple funds (ministry, outreach, building, etc.), we will combine everything--resourcing for our ongoing ministry activities, giving to ministries, and paying off our land to be ready for our new building.

NOW: $360K

We are Making Room for God to move NOW at FCC. NOW represents the resources we will use to make our week-to-week ministry activities happen for the next two years. We will consistently invite people to trust and follow Jesus, creating opportunities for kids, students, and adults to know God, find community, and Make Room. As we always do, we will continually look for new and better ways for all of us to experience the transformation that comes when we are disciples making disciples.


IMPACT represents what we will give to our community and ministry partners.
We have done this in the past, and we plan to support our ministry partners in the future strongly. Our commitment to making a difference has never been stronger. We continue to be committed to living and loving like Jesus by serving those most in need and investing in our community and global ministry partners.


EXPANSION will allow us to pay off 25% of our land and lower our current payment, which will aid in the remaining pay-off. Paying off the land will also enable the church to do more ministry work.
Lowering our current land payment brings more financial stability to the church and lowers the overall debt. This enables us to continue to build a thriving community while easing the burden of debt.


The average weekly attendance was 113.


The number of people baptized was 13.


The average number of people serving on a Sunday was 29.


The average number of people attending a small group was 21.